Encina places great value on the relationships we have with our stakeholders. Each of them helps us to provide on the promise to deliver circular chemicals for our customers.

Encina has appointed Hyundai  to provide design & construction services for our projects.

Technip Energies is working with Encina to develop the catalytic conversion and fluidization technologies for Encina’s proprietary conversion system. The design will be robust and flexible for a variety of feedstocks.

Sulzer GTC Technology continues to provide Engineering support to the Encina Projects. Sulzer GTC has worked closely with Encina to develop an efficient process to extract the aromatic products and purify them to industry standards.

Chemex Global, Inc. has an Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication (EPF) contract with Encina for the deployment of Encina’s proprietary waste catalytic conversion facility in San Antonio, Tx. Chemex Global, Inc. will also be assisting with the installation and commissioning along with the SWRI Chemical Engineering Team.

Seamless integration of water solutions is a vital aspect of Encina's circular manufacturing process. Veolia will engineer, deliver, operate, and maintain a world-class water treatment system for the Encina Point Township facility.

Through Veolia's comprehensive contribution, Encina ensures top-tier water quality and operational excellence, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Efficient recycling of plastics is an important part of Encina’s journey towards a circular economy. Coperion will design, engineer, manufacture, commission, and support operations in Encina’s upcoming plastics recycling plant.

By sourcing and implementing the complete system from Coperion, Encina will achieve high-end product quality and through-put rates.

Hazen provides Encina with full detailed laboratory work product and specifications for components & processes that are important to our facilities.

Encina is part of PSRI’s international consortium of companies focused on the advancement of technology in the multiphase flows with granular and granular-fluid systems.

Encina utilizes CPFD to squarely put science behind our plant’s critical decisions on everything from fluidization quality to elutriation rates.

Eurecat helps Encina develop the optimal catalyst performance for our systems.

Encina has joined the American Chemistry Council, an association of more than 190 companies that drive innovation and advocate for public policies that support the creation of products that improve lives, protect our environment, and enhance the economic vitality.

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