Circular Chemicals

Encina produces valuable circular chemicals, predominantly, BTX/P from end-of-life plastics. These chemicals are used by our customers to manufacture a variety of consumer products.

How BTX/P is Made

We derive BTX/P using a catalytic process that is different than that used in traditional mechanical recycling, as well as that used in incineration facilities. Our proprietary process, combined with time-tested technologies, allow us to economically extract the BTX/P by breaking end-of-life plastics down into their constituent molecules. These products are refined and delivered to our customers as high-quality ASTM-grade, ISCC+ certified, circular chemicals. Our customers use our products on a drop-in basis to seamlessly manufacture consumer goods with recycled/circular content.

Products Made With BTX/P:

Build a waste-free future with a sustainable way to create Circular BTX/P