Mylinda Jacobsen

Global Director of Purchasing

Mylinda Jacobsen is an international purchasing and business development expert, and relationship driver with thought leadership in the plastics recycling industry for more than 25 years. Previously with Envision Plastics, Mylinda led the global purchasing team in raw material sourcing efforts, where she grew the supplier base, built deep scrap plastic supplier relationships, cut waste, and improved logistics efficiency. Prior to Envision, she served as the solid waste programs coordinator for the Town of Kernersville Public Works, where she created a practical, widely adopted municipal recycling program, and led other environmentally friendly initiatives such as increasing recycling rates to growing revenue.

Mylinda earned a B.A. degree from the College of Charleston. She is certified as a Recycling Coordinator, Landfill Ops Manager, and Biosolids Composting Technician. She has been active in several industry associations, including the Olefins/Rigids Committee of the Association of Plastics Recyclers and has served on the board of the Carolinas Recycling Association.