Environment, Health, and Safety

Encina’s purpose is to deploy proven technologies to our operations to help our customers achieve their circular chemical goals while ensuring a safe work environment for our employees.

Environment, Health, and Safety

We are committed to protecting our employees, contractors, neighbors, the general public, and the environment. We meet legislative and regulatory requirements as well as industry standards. The accountability and responsibility for these principles extends from board directors through to managers, supervisors, workers and contractors, through the pro-active application of comprehensive management systems.

Encina is committed to the following EHS standards:

  • Meet or exceed environmental, health and safety regulations
  • Always maintain a safe working environment
  • Either eliminate or control high-risk hazards
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce pollution and environmental damage
  • Preserve and protect local biodiversity and habitats
  • Endeavor to incorporate circular energy and energy storage with our assets

We believe in integrating environmental and safety considerations into risk management and business decisions to establish performance targets. The company also believes in training our employees to raise awareness of environmental, health and safety practices while continuously reviewing and improving such practices.

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