Frequently Asked Questions

The following represents the most common questions received by ENCINA from the investment community:

Q. Where is ENCINA stock traded?

 A. ENCINA is a private entity, but can work with your financial professional to accommodate requests for purchase or divestitures.

Q. Whom do I contact regarding a lost, stolen, or destroyed ENCINA Certificate; Transfer a certificate into another name; Issuance of certificate; Change of address for certificates?

A. Contact our corporate secretary: Mr. Mark Casillas Casillas Law Group 8 Bartel Court Tiburon, CA 94920 +1 (415) 533-6455

Q. Whom do I contact regarding information on my account or Distribution payments?

 A. Please contact your financial advisor, or ENCINA Investor Relations Department at: (305) 851-8450.

Q. Does ENCINA have a direct stock purchase program?

A. ENCINA does not allow direct purchase of our shares. You may contact your banker, broker, or other financial institution to purchase stock in our company.

Q. When does ENCINA fiscal year end?

 A. ENCINA fiscal year follows the calendar year.

Q. When are earnings reported?

 A. ENCINA reports earnings approximately 7 weeks following the end of the quarter.

Management Team

Charles Costenbader


Carlo Badiola

SVP Engineering & Technology

Shirley Hammond

Director of Engineering

Mylinda Jacobsen

Global Director of Purchasing

Song Wang

Research Scientist

Meng Li

Process Technologist

Board of Directors

Michael Tzougrakis


Wendy Ormond


David Schwedel

Founder, Director

Roger Fish


Sheida R. Sahandy, Esq.


Our management team works hand in hand with our customers to identify areas where we can benefit them the most.