Carlo Badiola

SVP Engineering & Technology

Mr. Badiola is the Senior Vice President of Technology and Engineering for Encina Development Group. He previously served as a technical expert for the ExxonMobil Corporation with a focus on pyrolysis steam cracking, field operations, and product optimization. His experience includes detailed reactor design, operations and maintenance, technology implementation, and continuous asset value improvement. His achievements include successful design of a commissioned pyrolysis asset, economic improvements in asset optimization, yields, safety, and reliability in various United States and Singapore facilities. He provided leadership to commercialize novel technology concepts into ExxonMobil’s pyrolysis steam cracking fleet. His work optimized bottom line results in chemical processing facilities through improved fleet availability and enhanced performance.

He holds B.S. degrees in both Mechanical and Chemical Engineering as well as an M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Mr. Badiola has also completed extensive prior research in the areas of high temperature combustion/metallurgy and material characterization. He has authored several publications related to combustion science and material synthesis.